01.08.09 —The Benefits Of Good Website Content
Author Matt Jackson

The content of a website includes everything from the graphical elements of design and the pictures used to the textual website content. All must play its part and converge to create the greatest possible user experience that converts visitors into buyers and profit. However, the most effective website content can also be used to help drive a mass of search engine traffic to any site.

Taking the time to carefully plan and write, or investing the resources to have your web page content professionally written can pay dividends.


Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the act of optimising a website so that it ranks well in the search engine results. The outcome of good optimisation is a steady stream of targeted and active website visitors.

Good SEO content not only needs to appeal to human visitors but to search engines as well, through the inclusion of keywords and semantically or topically related keywords. Happily, the crafting of great quality content can also help to organically build links – another major facet of an SEO campaign.


Regardless of whether a visitor arrives on your site from the search results, having clicked on a sponsored ad listing, or has typed in your URL from your business card that you diligently hand out when attending business events, it's your content that needs to convert them into customers.

Good content can entice people beyond the home page and continue to guide them step by step through the various stages of making a purchase.

Improved Visitor Experience

The more beneficial a visitor finds their time on your site, the more likely they will be to convert to a customer. They will also be more inclined to pass on the details of your business or service and they will be more likely to bookmark or even link to your site. All of these make for effective methods of networking or marketing your online business on the Internet and continuing to add high quality content will not only see your search engine rankings improve but it is likely to improve branding, generate greater sales, and improve customer loyalty.

Greater Chance Of Organic Links

An organic link is one that has been given to you freely by another page or another website based on the quality of the content or the value of the service. In terms of SEO, links are highly valued and the more natural they appear to the search engines and to your human visitors, the more likely that your online business will continue to flourish.

High quality pages that have been written especially for this purpose are referred to as linkbait because they are posted to bait links from other website owners and bloggers.

Improved Website ROI

Your website should be considered an online business rather than simply a site consisting of a few brochure pages. Many websites stand alone with no bricks and mortar businesses to back them up and are hugely successful, although they can also be combined very effectively with high street organisations and enterprises. Every penny you spend on your site, therefore, should be geared towards generating a good return on investment.

If you don't feel that you're able to do your website justice or you don't have the time to write good content regularly then employ the services of professional website content writers. Use a professional service and it will generate a good website ROI.

Convey YOUR Message In YOUR Tone

One aspect of good branding is the use of a uniform tone throughout your communications; especially with potential clients. This continued care can help to win over those that are wavering and will ensure that your business is always well thought of. Business to business and business to consumer narratives may have a different feel to them, but the important thing is that you get the right message across and you do so on a continued basis.

Fewer Bounces

Visitors read website content from the very first word of your page. Even if they skim read, which most readers do when reading from a monitor, care must be taken to ensure that the beginning of the page is as effective at converting as the end of the page is. Hard hitting headlines, informative and entertaining content, and a well written summary should all be crafted with the goal of persuading your visitors to take the next step in your desired chain.

Great Website Content Truly Counts

Powerful website content is sometimes overlooked in favour of web design and online application development. While these are obviously very important factors to the success of your online business, so too is the value and the effectiveness of every inch of your website content.

Combining all of the elements of design, development, and content, along with a powerful marketing mix you can create a profitable website that draws in visitors and then converts them to profitable and loyal customers as well as your greatest marketers.

Originally published in the January 8, 2009 Entireweb Newsletter.









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