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09.09.09 Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

E-Data Solutions, a graphic design, web design, and content management company, recently held its Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at its new location at 729 Lemay Ferry Road. On hand were Representatives Pat Yaeger and Vicki Lorenz Englund as well as Lemay Chamber of Commerce officials and members....... read entire press release...

08.17.09 Designer, brewer, window installer graduate from incubator

Three companies — a Web site and graphic designer, brewer and window installer — graduate Tuesday from a South St. Louis County incubator.

E-Data Solutions Inc., which offers marketing, graphic design and Web site design, moved this month from the South County Center at 315 Lemay Ferry Road down the road to 729 Lemay Ferry Road, said President and Chief Executive Leslie Decker...... read entire article...

08.17.09 Three Companies Graduate from St. Louis County Enterprise Center

St. Louis Enterprise Centers - South County will "graduate" three client companies, making room for other startup, growing businesses. The graduation ceremony will take place 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Tuesday, August 18, 2009.

E-Data Solutions, Inc is among the "graduating class"..... read entire press release...

03.19.09 The Necessity Of Search Engine Optimisation

The majority of businesses now understand that search engine optimisation or SEO is becoming an important part of any online business strategy. Today it is only the most backward thinking companies that have dismissed the benefits of search engine optimisation, or have not even heard of it.

The emphasis of search engine optimisation is to increase web traffic to a website..... read entire article...

02.05.09 The Three Key Ways to Make Your Website a Success

Your company website can stand out and attract visitors in three simple ways. It must draw visitors in, keep visitors on the website long enough to understand what you can offer and keep visitors coming back for more.

If you feel that your current website is under-performing and the subject of online marketing brings you out in a cold sweat then check out our simple guide below to help you understand what you need to do….. read entire article...

02.03.09 Search Engine Optimization and the Three-way Benefit

It can be easy for business owners to look at SEO as an attractive means of improving their position with search engines. This can be a great long-term strategy that really works well for online business, but the benefits don't stop there....... read entire article...

01.29.09 Using Keywords as Part of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Whether your internet marketing strategy utilizes websites, blogs, article marketing or press releases correctly using keywords is an absolute must...... read entire article...

01.15.09 The Plan - 4 Steps To A Website Brand

Do you have a plan? Most companies spend a considerable amount of time, energy, and money planning what to do and how to do it.

Let's say you need a website, so you develop a plan, present it to a bunch of website designers, and get quotes or proposals. You're not going to get caught with your pants down like the last time by some nerdy geek, you know the skinny kid with the scraggly beard, whose techno-babble gave you a headache, or the bizarre young lady dressed in gothic chic with the black lipstick and tattoo to match - yikes, no thanks, not this time, this time you got a plan.

..... read entire article...

01.13.09 How to Pitch Media Members for Free Publicity

After optimizing your site for search engines and pursuing other marketing efforts, it's time to use the power of the press to boost sales, awareness and credibility cost-effectively. But how do you pitch your story to a reporter?

..... read entire article...

01.08.09 The Benefits Of Good Website Content

The content of a website includes everything from the graphical elements of design and the pictures used to the textual website content. All must play its part and converge to create the greatest possible user experience that converts visitors into buyers and profit. However, the most effective website content can also be used to help drive a mass of search engine traffic to any site...... read entire article...

01.06.09 Does Your SEO Content Sell?

While written with search engines in mind, SEO content should also consider the end users of your website; your potential customers. Attracting masses of traffic, regardless of how targeted that traffic, is only a portion of the battle.

..... read entire article...

01.01.09 How To Use Copywriting To Boost Your Online Business

Copywriting, which is the most fundamental skill in any online business, is an important part of Internet advertising. It is the art of writing sales and marketing materials, which can promote your business on the Web. Being able to learn and master this art can help your business stand out from all the other online businesses of the same type.

..... read entire article...

12.30.08  Do you need a brand identity?

...If you want sustainable growth in your business and if you want to earn more than what you do today, you must develop a brand identity for you or your business. There is no alternative to this proposition...... read entire article...

12.25.08  Discover The Answers To The Top 10 SEO Questions

Owning any type of online business will strongly benefit from a few SEO techniques. However, everyone and their brother has advice on how to do it. All this 'expert' advice can make the simple task of optimizing your site incredibly confusing.

Here are some straightforward answers to the most common SEO questions...... read entire article...

12.23.08  Debunking the Top 10 Search Engine Myths

We've all done it at some point in our professional lives. We search a keyword that describes our business only to scratch our head as to how our competitor's website shows up on the top of the list instead of ours. If you've gone one step further and read about Search Engine Optimization, then surely you have come across the conflicting information online..... read entire article...

12.18.08  5 Ways to Entice Visitors to Keep Coming Back

What does a website need? The simple answer is repeat visitors, this is what successful websites share in common, and this accounts for a major part of their traffic..... read entire article...

12.16.08  The Cunning Brilliance of PageRank

A few weeks ago I found myself in the subway of New York City. Posters and billboards from a prominent bank promoted credit card decaled the underground landscape.

These well-crafted advertisements promised ten dollars back for every $100 spent on subway fares. It gave the current economic crisis and recession as the explanation for their incredible generosity.... read entire article...

12.11.08  Useful Tips for User - Friendly Web Designing

A website is a handy and trendy marketing tool for business. For a good website, the visual web design must be attractive and must be able to grab the attention of a large number of visitors.

Web designing is an art and has to be done with interest and involvement. When done with involvement, the user-friendly feature will automatically get incorporated in the design. Stunning web design with good programming and marketing strategies will greatly increase the visibility of the website to the Internet browsers..... read entire article...

12.09.08  Break Through the Frustration of Optimization

"I am an artist," the man proudly proclaimed. "I don't care," the critic proudly responded. "The frame is too large, the colors are dark and it will not match my furniture," the critic further explained.

Many times web developers experience a similar scorn but not always from humans. A site has been designed with an interface that pops with beautiful GIFs and JPEGs, dazzles with Flash and functions like a charm with JavaScript. The search engines do not care. The content, the keywords and the tags do not correspond with the criteria of the search engines. Therefore, you are ignored..... read entire article...

12.04.08  Properly Submitting Your Website To Search Engines

If you have a web-based business or if a significant portion of your business is performed on the internet through your website, then the best advertising and marketing is completed by submitting your website to a search engine.

No amount of press releases, newspaper or radio ads, banner ads, spam emails or newsletters will achieve the same results, although it may be effective in a small proportion..... read entire article...

12.02.08  Is Branding Relevant to Small Business?

Most small business owners/operators would probably agree that developing a stand-out brand identity is an essential part of the marketing package for corporates and large companies.

Many would add that branding is not that important for small businesses and see it as an additional expense on the P&L. So they head off to the local printer or graphic designer who designs a logo.... read entire article...

11.27.08  How To Build A Better Business Website

A look of a website can make or break your business. First impressions always count. Here are ten tips to building a better business website.

1. Colour - A black background is not recommended. It's hard on the eyes. I don't know how many people have problems reading white or coloured text on a black background and with that said, don't go neon pink or glaring orange either. Generally black text on white background is best. Ideally you can choose two colours, but make sure they match and use it consistently on all your pages to maintain fluidity and continuity..... read entire article...

11.25.08  7 Steps to Building a Successful Web Presence

Doing business in the 21st century will eventually require every company to have a website in one form or another. Whether your site is interactive or simply informational, there are steps you can take to ensure you're on the right track to creating a successful web presence, seven to be exact (at least from our humble perspective).

While following these steps will not guarantee a successful website, it is certainly an intelligent place to start.

.... read entire article...

11.20.08  How to Begin Keyword Research

11.18.08  10 Ways To More Website Traffic

11.13.08  All Websites Are International

11.11.08  Search Engine Optimization And Search Engine Crawlers

11.06.08  The Secrets to Keywords - Expanding Your List

11.04.08  Is your competition beating you with SEO?

10.30.08  5 Simple Rules To Website Design

10.28.08  Using Good SEO Will Create Traffic to Your Website

10.23.08  Website Creation Simplified: Brief Overview Of The Nuts And Bolts

10.21.08  Focus on SEO Before You Launch Your New Website

10.16.08  How To Determine Your Website Page Rank

10.14.08  SEO Explained For People with Real Jobs

10.09.08  6 Search Engine Marketing Strategies

09.18.08  The 3 Types of Website Traffic

09.11.08  Internet Marketing, Tracking Your Results

08.21.08  Build Customer Confidence with Testimonials

08.14.08  Smart Search Engine Marketing - Some Guidelines

08.12.08  3 Simple Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business Explained

07.31.08  The Effectiveness of an Empty Space

07.24.08  Italics - When you should use them

07.22.08  Are Your Marketing Strategies and your Website on the Same Page?

07.17.08  Use Regular Text to Improve your SEO without Pay for Click

07.15.08  Innovative Ways to Market

07.10.08   What Does Your Web Design Do For You?

07.08.08   Registering Your Domain Name

06.26.08  Creating a Corporate Writing Style

06.24.08  6 Qualities of a Good Domain Name

05.22.08  Gladys Manion Inc. Launches Interactive Website

05.15.08  Find the Right Balance in Logo Creation

05.06.08  Visual Marketing Strategies to Help You Rise Above the Crowd

04.03.08  3 Top Tips for Great Web Page Design

03.18.08  Business Networking


The Lemay Chamber of Commerce website, www.lemaychamber.com received the Award of Excellence from the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Missouri for the best new Chamber website in Missouri. Chamber member
e-data solutions designed and maintains the site.

06.08.07  Talx spinoff GDC bidding for $46 million federal contract

...The Forest Service is considering hiring GDC to unify its scattered Web sites and to develop and run a digital catalog and library system for its thousands of historic photographs and future photos.

If GDC wins the $46 million contract, it will work with another small St. Louis company, e-data Solutions Inc., whose services include Web site development, image restoration and archiving. Leslie Decker, the company's president and chief executive, said the deal would triple the size of her five-member staff and her revenue, which she declined to disclose. "It would help us to grow very quickly," she said...... read entire article...

02.11.05  Startups incubate faster by helping each other out

...Doug and Sandy Nash, owners of The Smashed Chefs in the Chesterfield incubator, plan to spend $10,000 with another incubator firm, E-Data Solutions Inc., to develop a Web site. The site will allow The Smashed Chefs to sell its gourmet serving pieces made from recycled wine bottles via the Internet......Leslie Decker, president of E-Data Solutions Inc., also landed a Web site design project from her neighbor in the South County enterprise center, P.S. Kids....."We don't advertise that we rebuild Web sites, but a lot of times that's what it takes," said Decker, who brought E-Data to the incubator two years ago after she and three other employees left Vertis Digital Solutions Group in St. Louis...... read entire article...

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